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History of Kangkaroo

Kangaroo is one of the most popular animal in Austrialia. It is very
interesting and so it the origin of its name.

People believe that kangaroo came from the native language "Kan Ghu Ru".
Back to the time when people from the west explore the new land.

They were amazed when they first saw such a unique animals with  incredible huge feet and long tail.

The animals move to everywhere by jumping only. They ask native people how do they call this kind of animal.

The native people then reply with the word Kan Ghu Ru or "I don't understand" meaning that they do not understand what the Western people said.

Instead, the western understood that it was the name of the animal and
starting calling it Kan Ghu Ru since then. The name was slightly distorted
to Kangaroo shortly afterward.

And that's the interesting history of the most famous animal in Australia .
"Kan Ghu Ru" or "Kangaroo" or "I don't understand".

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