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History of Yankee

In the early day, the word "Yankee" was mentioned to people from New England, where is the first developing area of the United States.

Later, Yankee was mentioned to people from the North East area and finally, it includes all American people.

Like other words, the origin of Yankee is unclear but the most reasonable source is that it is distorted from the popular Dutch name "Janke" means "little John."

People originally used the word to mention to the Dutch colony in New England .

The word became common when American soilders called themselves Yankee during the Revolutionary war against England.

There were evidences at the time that English army call Americans "Yankee" During the Civil war, the word Yankee became sensitive when it is used by the Federation from the South to call the Union from the North.

However, now the internal wars are done. The word Yankee is not used to seperate the nation anymore. It is now represented the whole American.

Learning Part

Colony = A group of people who settle in a distant area.

Revolutionary war = The war which the US fights with England for its independence.

Civil war = The war between regions in the same country.

Some sources from http://www.thefreedictionary.com

*Each word can have more than one meaning. The meaning here is just to favor the article

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