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History of HOLLYWOOD Sign

I am sure that everyone has ever seen the big white sign on the top of the hill in Hollywood, Los Angeles before.

The sign HOLLYWOOD is the great symbol of the greatest entertainment city in the world called Hollywood. But how many knows the original purpose of the sign? Not many right?

The HOLLYWOOD sign was first built in 1920 and the full sign is originally read HOLLYWOODLAND with the purpose to advertise some real estate projects in Hollywood city.

The sign became more popular when a hollywood actress name Peg Entwistle committed suicide by jumping off the letter H.

Few years later, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce decided to remove the last four letter (LAND) to save electrical cost because the sign has to be illuminated during the night at the Chamber's cost.

The sign is renovated and fixed many times before it became the current version.

Learning Part

The author plays with the word "berg"

Hill = Small mountain

Purpose = The result that is expected to receiving from doing something.

Suicide = Kill youself (usually say "commit suicide)

Chamber of Commerce = An association of businesspersons and merchants for the promotion of commercial interests in the community

Illuminate = To provide the brighten with light

Renovate = To recover something to its previous condition

Some sources from http://www.thefreedictionary.com

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