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-- Meaning of H idiom --


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Half ear
Listen with no attention

Halfway house/ home
Halfway to the destination or goal

Hang up one's boots

Ham actor
Over acting actor.

Happy go lucky
Very happy. Nothing to worry about

Have no clue
Have no idea about something

Have a weakness of
Cannot resist on something usually negative

Have an ear for
Good at listenning some instrument.

Hear it on the grapevine
Hear a rumor

Heart and soul
Dedicate to something very much

Here you go
It's for you

Hidden agenda
Hide the truth or real target.

Hit the books
Go study

Hit the bottle
Drink too much alcohol

Hit the hay
Go to bed

Hit the road
Go to work / go out

Holding grudge
Have unfriendly feeling

Horse around    
Play around

Horse of a different color        
Different issues / stories

How come?

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