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English Grammar

Present Simple Tense

Structure of Present Simple Tense.

Subject + V1 + (Object)

When do we use Present Simple Tense?

1. When the action happens regularly or "Repetitive actions."

  • Marry goes shopping every weekend.
  • I usually take a bus to school.
  • I never want to see you again.

-- There are usually "adverb of frequency" in this type of sentence.--

Examples of adverb of frequency are

    • always
    • usually
    • sometimes
    • never
    • often
    • every week

2. When the situation is true or always true.

  • The sun rises from the East.
  • I love you (well, at least, it is meant to be true.)
  • China has the most population in the world.

3. Use Present Simple Tense with behavior, habit or tradition

  • Picture represents million words
  • John speaks so fast.

Must know about Present Simple Tense

  • If the subject is the single and third person put an s after V1.
    • He speaks.
    • John walks.

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